PregnantFit & MumFit

I offer group classes and personal training sessions for pre and post natal ladies. Since becoming a mum in 2018, I have a passion to help other mums how to exercise safely as well as educate them in pelvic health, core health and wellness during pregnancy and motherhood.


These one hour sessions are designed to maintain overall strength & fitness throughout pregnancy, from conception to birth. They will focus on how to activate the pelvic floor properly, maintaining good posture throughout pregnancy and there will also be an element of cardiovascular fitness to raise the heart rate, release endorphins and help to keep you healthy throughout pregnancy. The cost of these sessions are £12.50 or £45 a month which includes a copy of the pregnancy guide as well as the educational content in the private facebook group.


MumFit: These one hour functional fitness sessions are for mums who want to build overall strength & fitness. They will include a full body strength and cardio workout with a focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and core. The cost of these sessions are £12.50 or £45 a month for 1x weekly or £80 a month for 2x weekly sessions. This price also includes home workouts, educational content in the private facebook group and a copy of the MumFit guide and nutritional guidance.

Core course

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to get back into exercise after having a baby. The cost of this course is £50. This price includes a full educational seminar on the pelvic floor & core and how to work it properly, an abdominal assessment and a copy of the postpartum guide. This guide includes home exercises. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to strength their pelvic floor, it doesn’t matter if your baby is 6 weeks or 6 years – you are still postpartum.

All of my monthly classes include an electronic copy of my pregnancy or postpartum guide which explains the role of the pelvic floor, how to strengthen it and some exercises that you can do at home between classes.

Want to know more about the pregnancy or postpartum sessions?

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